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Biscuits & Cookies

Multi Pack has successfully installed over 3100 flow wrap machines with feeding systems for packing many of the world’s leading brands of biscuits across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

We offer integrated end-to-end solutions from cooling conveyors through automatic or semi automatic feeding, flow wrapping, auto collation, and secondary packaging for hard and soft dough biscuits, cream sandwiches, fragile crackers, soft cookies, and wafer biscuits of all shapes and sizes. Customized, flexible multi lane feeding systems also available.

For cream sandwiching, Multi Pack offers field tested, proven system controlled by high level motion controllers and servo drives. Solution includes shell feeding, cream sandwiching, and automatic high-speed delivery to flow wrappers for packaging in slugs or piles. Learn more …



Pack configurations may be changed rapidly with minimal downtime.


High degree of tolerance for varying wrapper structure and thickness. We don’t expect you to buy the most expensive wrapper in order to achieve a high level of efficiency on our machines


Servo driven fully automatic feeding options available for online wrapping.


Constructed for round-the-clock operation in the toughest plant and environmental conditions. Requires minimal maintenance that can be performed easily by low skilled technicians.


Rapid and easy set up, batch changeover, and process diagnostics with user friendly graphical HMI. Touch screen interface available on certain models.


Constructed to conform with internationally accepted safety guidelines. Full CE compliance optional.


Designed for easy sanitation. Use of food grade plastics and stainless steel components. All stainless steel version optional.


Product handling and secondary packaging solutions may be integrated for labor saving, enhanced productivity, and optimum efficiency.

Flow wrap solution for packing biscuits standing on edge in slug format at speeds up to 240ppm. Available with integrated twin chute or cross conveyor type feeding systems.
Flow wrap solution for packing biscuits in single or double piles at speeds up to 400ppm. Various automatic or semi automatic feeding systems options available for integration.
Flow wrap solution for packing two or more rows of biscuits on edge without tray. Available with automatic single or multi lane feeding systems.