‘New Development Machine’
For packing chocolates, the ‘flow wrap’ solution offers maximum speed up to 1000 packs per minute and film speed up to 120 meters per minute with cold seal wrapper provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency.

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Ergonomic Design - Slide Splicing Unit
Hygienic Design - Cantilever Structure
Safety Design - Divided Zones

GSB-01 (70R)
Film Speed ~120mm/min
Film Width 60mm~300mm
Cut Off Length ~145 mm (Typical)
Product Width 15mm~120mm
Product Height 5mm~30mm
Power 400/415V AC,
3 ph + neutral,
50/60 Hz
Machine Weight Approx. 2000kg
Film Type Cold Seal
Seal Type Rotary
*Specifications are subject to change depending on product and film characteristics.

  • The film settings can be obtained in simple steps.
  • Automatic splicing system.
  • Easy, time-saving cleaning due to the cantilever structure.
  • Divided zones to raise convenience while keeping safety in operation.
  • Modular design.
  • Auto web aligning system.

  • Inline smart belt servo-controlled feeding system.
  • Heat-sealing module.
  • Various automatic feeders.
  • Product de-sticking system at infeed.
  • Film splice Rejection
  • Film joint detection.
  • Printing device.
  • Code print inspection detection OCR/OCV system.
  • Rejector systems (Air jet/Flipper).
  • Product mis-position detection.
  • CE standard compliance.