‘Auto Loader/ Distribution system’
OIN Biscuit Auto-feeding line with Auto loader, Automatic Stacker and Wrapping machines (primary and Secondary) that can feed multiple flow wrappers for scaling up the line output.

Schematic Drawing - Dry Biscuits line:

Offering stacker with auto lane alignment system with single and split type options that provides quick changeover facility for multiple product handling.

The single and split type options in single or fixed type autoloader are designed with fixed pitch type to handle a single variety of product.

The split or adjustable type of autoloader handles multiple pre-defined product varieties with minimum change parts and adjustments change over times.

Lane diverter, metering and spacer conveyor system also available.

We also provide HFW machine with Multilane Auto-feeder as per pack style requirement (Pile pack / Slug pack / Jumbo pack). The combo machines for Pillow pack / Jumbo pack selection meet varying demand at low investment. Both automatic and semi-automatic options for over wrapping, bagging, etc. are also available.


  • High flexibility for up-gradation/expansion to meet future demand
  • Option of standard & economical system construction
  • Dedicated (Fixed) / flexible systems as per customer need
  • High flexibility to run wide variety of Products in flexible systems in terms of the following:
  • Different biscuit shapes (i.e., round, rectangle & square) Different stack lengths ranging from 50 mm to 240 mm
  • Star wheel stacker eliminates the problem of flat biscuits even when 2 or 3 biscuits are missing in the lanes.
  • Flexibility to change the number of lanes delivering biscuits to various auto feeders.
  • Lane bypassing facility
  • Bypass facility for continuity of production even if one packaging machine is down for short time.
  • Flexible packing machine with on the fly line changeover to address if any upstream online machine is down
  • Easy adaptability to any flow wrap machines Tailor made designs to match with layout flexibility Self adjustment of deposition cycle with respect to machine speed and active arrival lanes i.e., any lane can be bypassed or stopped for required time.
  • Facility to feed recycled biscuits retrieved from defective packs, even when the machine is running in completely automatic mode
  • Completely servo-driven On the fly adjustment of Stack lengths Possibility to transfer data on Ethernet Improves hygiene in the plant Reduces wastage's and improves Production

  • Product handling with better hygiene than conventional method
  • Ensures more up-time of the machines and systems as a result of scientific, systematic & data based approach
  • The line efficiency will be increased by 10 to 15% when compared with a line with all manual machines Less dependency on semi skilled manning leading to less troubles
  • More than 50 to 70% saving in man power: Investment pay back in less than 3 years
  • Benefits in usage of less number of machines (from 30 to 50%) compared to manual handled m/cs since high speed machines of higher end are used
  • Auto feeding system filters the whole process of biscuit production by eliminating wrong practices & short cuts.
  • Comfort of the support of a capable ally in service, spares & support, upgrading / expanding the system, etc.