Tray Wrappers use stretch film to automatically overwrap foods like meat, fish and vegetables within a tray. Omori’s Tray Wrappers are Horizontal Flow style.

There are two ways after forming the film into a tube by Horizontal Flow – One is to tack film ends against the underside of a tray and the other is to heat-seal the film ends. Omori has both tacking type ST series and end-sealing type DW 


Speed Cycle mode : 30~80rpm, Continuous mode : 30~120rpm
Film width 220~550mm
Tray size Width : 80~210mm
Height : 15~60mm
Length : 100~400mm
Product Height 5~80mm

  • 2 modes of operation – Cycle motion or continuous “on-demand" motion can be selected.
  • In continuous motion, speed is adjusted automatically according to product flow.
  • Automatic separation and product timing – stable wrapping.
  • Unique film feeding and folding technology for excellent pack presentation.
  • End flap folding technology creates a beautiful secure finish.
  • Reduced film usage and tight wrapping.
  • All servo motor drive for total stability in high speed
  • wrapping Product setting is up to 64 product memory.

  • As an option, a checkweigher communications package can be installed providing one-touch size change for both machines.